Competition Tips

Don't get beat by your equipment
Buy the best you can afford, and always look to upgrade. Does that mean a beginner should shell out thousands of dollars on equipment, just to see if he likes a sport? Of course not. Many sports can be shot using the guns you have in your safe now. Hunting shotguns are at home on the trap, skeet, and sporting clays range. And, don't be afraid to buy used. As peoples skills improve, they often sell their current equipment to finance newer. Many times this is a great way for you to get into a very nice gun for a fraction of its' cost when it was new.
Practice, practice, practice!
As in any human endeavor, practice makes perfect, so do it! Practice a lot, and I mean a LOT! Oh, did I mention PRACTICE?!?!? Practice withg a friend, and if you have access to video equipment, use it. The camera cathes a lot of things that the naked eye does not.
Find your natural point of aim
Those who have taken a basic course will understand this. For those who have not, it means the stance/position at which the gun points naturally to the target, without any twisting, turning, or "holding off."
Watch the "old pros"
The people involved in the shooting sports are some of the nicest, friendliest people it will ever be your pleasure to meet. You will get hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of free lessons if you just watch, ask respectful questions, and then LISTEN! The knowledge base is HUGE, and they are more than willing to share. Quite often, a small bit of advice has HUGE benefits.
Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast
Sounds like a contradiction, but it is not. Start out with all your motions, sight pictures, and shots done slowly and methodically. Watch what you are doing, study every step involved, and understand every subtle movement. Smoooooooooooth is what you want. Speed will come, and soon enough, you will be faster than you ever thought possible. Hint: Wyatt Earp would not stand a chance against even a C class shooter of today.

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Until then, watch that front sight, press the trigger until the gun goes off, and Practice, practice, practice! Thanks for visiting MYGUNPRO