My Gun Pro is certified through the NRA to offer instruction in the following disciplines:

  • Home Firearm Safety  more info
  • Personal Protection more info
  • Basic Pistol Marksmanship more info
  • Basic Rifle Marksmanship more info
  • Basic Shotgun Marksmanship more info
  • Metallic Cartridge Reloading
  • Shot shell Reloading
NRA Certified Instructor

State of Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit training

What the course covers
Since the curriculum for the concealed carry course is state mandated, it is very specific with regard to what topics must be taught. At the preset time, the course is eight hours in length and is comprised of the following subject areas:
  1. Safety briefing
  2. Safe storage of firearms
  3. Firearm care and maintenance
  4. Legal issues relating to the use of deadly force
  5. Mental conditioning for the use of deadly force
  6. Firearm manipulation and marksmanship
  7. Judgmental shooting
  8. Written test
  9. Range qualification

The written test is a 20 question multiple choice test. The range qualification is comprised of a 10 shot course of fire with five rounds being fired from a distance of five yards and five rounds being fired from a distance of 10 yards. Students are required to have a minimum passing score of 70% and are allowed a maximum of two attempts at qualifying.
For more information, visit Arizona Department of Public Safety-Concealed Weapons Permit Unit

We provide the state application paperwork and do the necessary fingerprinting for you.

NMLRA courses available (Not NRA)

  • Basic Muzzle loading Pistol
  • Basic Muzzle loading Rifle
  • Basic Muzzle loading Shotgun
Alliance Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

Practical training courses (Not NRA)