Do your courses qualify for the Concealed Weapons Permit?
NO, these are the NRA Basic courses, and my own tactical courses.
Do you teach the Concealed Weapons Course?
Yes on a private or semi-private basis, as with all other courses. In my opinion, the state mandated course does not spend enough time on the gun itself. Those taking the CCW course are assumed to have knowledge obtained from a basic course. While not required by law, I strongly recommend the NRA Basic Pistol Marksmanship Course prior to enrolling in the Concealed Weapons Course to provide the overall fundamental understanding of the firearm and basic shooting skills.
Why donít you teach classes instead of private instruction?
I find that the classroom environment is not the best for teaching this "hands on" type of information. The repeated and continual handling of firearms is not suited to a classroom situation. Also, the learning curves of a classroom full of people are so different that people at both ends of the curves become frustrated.
I have kids. Will you teach my whole family?
Minor children can be taught under certain circumstances.

  1. I will conduct an interview to determine their maturity level.
  2. The parents must have taken the course from me.
  3. At least one parent MUST be present at all times.
  4. No more than 2 students at a time.
I donít have a gun yet. Can you provide me one?
Firearms to shoot are available for rental for a nominal fee. I have all the guns necessary for the classroom time.
I already have a Concealed Weapons Permit. What do you have to offer me?
For those already holding CWPs, I offer both basic and intermediate tactical training. In addition, I offer counseling in equipment and firearms choices, as well as carry modes. The learning never stops at MyGunPro.com