Classroom instruction is done in your home or mine for comfort and convenience.

Shooting is done at an indoor range close to your home for pistol and rifle, outdoor range for shotgun. (There are many ranges in the valley, so one will be acceptable to you).

Practical training is done at outdoor range only, as range scheduling permits.

All training is on a one on one basis, or in limited cases, two on one. Only under special circumstances will there be more than 2 students at one time. This preserves the personal touch, and ensures full attention to your educational needs. In addition, it ensures safety at all times.

Upon completion of the NRA courses, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement, and information on continuing education and rankings within the respective discipline.

Continued training is available on an hourly basis.

You may use your own firearm, or rentals are available for a small fee.

Tuition fees vary with the course, and are available on request.

Additional costs are limited to ammunition and range fees. I can assist you in obtaining ammunition for a nominal fee.

Eye and ear protection can be provided at no cost if necessary. It is advisable to obtain your own for continued use.