Handgunner Phoenix - 2018

Recap of 2017 Phoenix Handgunner

Our 8th Anniversary Phoenix Handgunner Match continued as a memorial to Harley "Gunnie" Reagan. We continued the two day, ten stage match, so well received by the participants.

The January 7-8, 2017 Phoenix Handgunner also continued a side match for Shotgun, sponosored by Predator Tactical. Ammunition was provided and a cash payback went to the winner.

In addition, an anonymous sponsor donated a firearm as a prize "for the good of the sport."

The 9th Annual will be held on January 6-7, 2018. Sign up early to ensure your spot! Visit PhoenixHandgunner.com for more information.

Videos from 2012 Phoenix Handgunner

Speed Shift - Bob Buffa win (YouTube Video)

Tombstones - Bob Buffa win (YouTube Video)

Videos from 2011 Phoenix Handgunner

Tombstones - Bob Buffa win (YouTube Video)

Color Blind - Bob Buffa win (YouTube Video)

Finals Rack (YouTube Video)

The 3rd Annual Phoenix Handgunner is in the books. Wow, the 3rd one already!

For this third annual event, we were pleased to welcome Arizona based Sturm Ruger and Company as match sponsor! Their generosity and support were greatly appreciated.

Entrants from California, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Washington made this years match a National Championship. The fine weather (70 degrees and sunny in December) is a great motivator, and as people discover this "little match that could" we are gaining momentum.

Our "Friendship" blankets are a huge draw, something that NO ONE ELSE in the country does. Check out Pendleton Woolen Mills for the story on these wonderful prizes.

Eight stages, functioning well due to the efforts of our tireless crew (Thanks go to Dave, Jim, Johnathon, Rick and Rob, without whom this match could not take place) challenged shooters with a variety of target placements and difficulty. Our “Arizona Duel Heat” is always a crowd pleaser, and “Color Blind” leaves many-a shooter shaking their heads in self derision.

The finals were exciting as always. When the smoke cleared, and the banging and clanging was done, Nils Jonasson claimed first place in Limited Division, and the perennial favorite Angus Hobdell won the Open class. In the Grand Finale for Overall Champion, and national honors, Angus emerged victorious. That's 3 for him. His performance on a plate rack is nothing short of awe inspiring. C'mon shooters, somebody enter to dethrone him!

Plan to be here on December 9th, 2012, for the next edition of the Phoenix Handgunner. See ya then!