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Bob has achieved the Grand Master Rating in Steel Challenge in the Rimfire Rifle Open Division, and the Master Rating in Steel Challenge in the Pistol Caliber Carbine, Open division. A little more work, and he will be GM there too!

New product for Rimfire shooters


Rimfire Racegun shooters. Tired of inconsistent starting points at Rimfire Steel matches? Frustrated with different application of the rules at these matches?   Different heights, different  distances, different appearance of the aiming point, etc. Well, now you can solve those concerns.

MyGunPro has developed a lightweight, portable aiming/starting point system that is not only low cost, but easy for setup crews to use. The upright is the proper 24” height, and the built in distance indicator makes this system a snap to use, and means consistent , universal starts for everyone, beginner and Grand Master alike. The 3 leg base keeps the unit upright regardless of terrain.


Whether you are shooting Steel Challenge or NSSF Rimfire, this system will make the application of the rules the same all over the world.  It is one less thing to worry about while you pursue your goal of Speed on Steel.
Individual units are available for $24.95, an eight unit set for Steel Challenge is only $160.00 plus
S&H. Contact us here for delivery times and availability. And as always, thanks for using MyGunPro.,

Instructor Certification

As of July 20, 2011, Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) no longer certified instructors in State Concealed Weapons Permit training. The curriculum is still valid, and Bob feels it is of of great importance
He will continue to teach the entire course.. No shortcuts or abbreviated courses here! Yet another reason to go with My Gun Pro!

Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship Update
Bob participated in the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship in 2008, and shot to a first place finish in the Limited Class Senior Division! He has since concentratede his efforts on the Rimfire Rifle Divisionm and has achieved the rank of Master in that discipline.


Many thanks to Legendary Guns, Dr. John Mortell, and a sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous for helping Bob make the trip to the championship in California.

Achievement update, April 2008
We are proud to announce that Bob has become one of the first instructors in the nation to be certified to teach the newest NRA course, "Personal Protection Outside the Home." Once again, MyGunPro stands at the leading edge of instructional capabilities.

This new course, designed by the NRA to ultimately be the nationwide concealed carry course, is an extensive, intensive course, available only to those who have completed both Basic Pistol and Personal Protection Inside the Home. It is a two level course, encompassing 14 hours of instruction on safety, defensive shooting outside the home, awareness, mindset, modes of carry, equipment selection, shooting techniques, aftermath of a shooting, and much much more. Bob is excited to be one of the first certified to teach this course, and looks forward to doing so for a select few.

This course, while not yet recognized by Arizona as a concealed weapons course, is an excellent supplement to the State of Arizona Concealed Weapons course, as it goes further in depth, and teaches actual shooting techniques in realistic situations. Remember, the training never stops at MyGunPro!

Contact us for more details on this exciting new training opportunity

2007 American Handgunner World Shootoff Championships
Bob returned from Montrose Colorado with seventh place in his division at the 2007 Winchester World Challenge. He also placed eigth in the STI/American Handgunner World Shootoff Championships! His plans to win this year unfortunately weren't shared by others. Better luck in 2008!

Bob at Stage 1
2007 American Handgunner Stage win
Deer Tribe Gun club participants
Deer Tribe Gun Club

Qualification Achievement update!
On December 16, 2005 Bob Buffa joined an elite group of shooters by becoming only the 22nd person to achieve Triple Distinguished Expert qualification since the program's inception. He now holds an NRA Distinguished Expert rating in handgun, rifle and shotgun.

"This illustrious award is for those individuals who have achieved the highest rating in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program in all three disciplines.... Very few shooters have the motivation to develop their skills to the Distinguished Expert level in one shooting discipline, much less three. I commend you on your prestigious personal accomplishments."

Denise Conni
NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program Coordinator
These achievements assure Bob's students receive the finest in instruction and firearms knowledge. When you study with My Gun Pro, you can be certain your instruction comes from a true "Expert!"

Now available:

Instruction in the total disassembly and cleaning of 1911 pistols.

Contact Us for details.