"Bob was extremely informative, completely knowledgable and patient with myself and my wife. We enjoyed his way of teaching and look forward to taking more classes in the future. We HIGHLY recommend Bob for any firearm training."
J. Kiel

"Having been a teacher for over 30 years, I am always critical of someone else's instruction. Bob's patience in answering questions, his ability to give clear and specific directions, to provide excellent examples, and instruct using simple and easy-to-understand language are remarkable. Bob's teaching definitely gets a Gold Star from this career instructor."

"I have never understood people and guns, it's never been in my nature. I've only ever been afraid of them. After spending some time with Bob I now truly understand that it's not the gun but the mindset of the person whose hand is controlling it. As an instructor he is an artist; his knowledge, style, technique, clarity, focus and attention to detail and safety have given me a completely new perspective, I now have a deeper understanding of guns and people and a great respect for Bob's training and skill. I am truly grateful for his guidance and for helping me get over my fears."
M. R.

"Bob's insight and capabilities seperate him from the rest of the competiton. His teaching expands well beyond the required information A true professional "Thanks Bob!"
Mike W.

"I did not know what to expect for the class. After the first meeting I was very impressed with the details of the coursework and Bob's instruction. There's no-one else that I would want to learn from. "
Sarah D.

"Bob is an excellent instructor. I feel very comfortable with my knowledge of basic pistol shooting. I have since been to the shooting range and was able to put Bob's instruction to use."
Sabrina D.

"Bob was excellent! I learned a lot."
Paula D.

"Personal attention, made sure we understood everything. No question was deemed stupid. Everyone who owns a gun would benefit from this course."
Scott P.(Basic Pistol)

"Awesome instructor"
Susan P. (Basic Pistol)

"I understand my rifle now, and am sure I can hit what I aim at. A great course." Ruben A.
(Basic rifle)

Purchase Assistance

"Bob has not only assisted me in my purchases, but has shown me WHY I should purchase what he recommends. He takes the time to ask questions and discover my needs and desires, and then fulfills them in a timely, professional manner, exhibiting patience and understanding along the way."
Mike L